Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

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Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring fresh water sediment, (also known as DE, Diatomite, or Kieselgur) composed of microscopic remains (shells) of prehistoric diatoms; the most common form of phytoplankton. It has a soft and smooth texture when crushed and ground to a very fine and off-white powder. Some industrial grades can be harmful to people and pets for handling and consumption, that's why we offer only the highest quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

All our Diatomaceous Earth is the Safe Food Grade that is a powerful health alternative for people. Our DE is purchased through a regulated supply chain as advised by Health Canada. Out of the options we have sourced, the DE we are providing to Canadians, coast to coast, is the safest quality available in North America. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is gaining a lot of popularity in the last 5 years based on testimonial sharing of our customers, one to another, so much so that even naturopaths and other health practitioners are adding our Food Grade DE to their products, offering their customers this new and innovative alternative to improve their health and well-being. We guarantee our products safety, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Another exciting use of our product is for your Pets! Food Grade DE is typically best for mammalian pets (Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Hamsters, and other mammals), and has also some benefits for birds and reptiles as well. Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe to use around your pet and also adding to their diet for even more benefits. Commonly DE is added to a pets diet in an amount not to exceed 2% of the total diet. Because our product is a natural form of amorphous silica, it helps to add strength to clays and nails, and brings about a positive stimulation to the digestive tract, as well as reducing, preventing, and even eliminating parasites that could be living inside your pets digestive system for a very long time. 

And still another use for our Diatomaceous Earth is for the Home and Garden. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has a unique porous and hexagonal structure which enables it to be highly absorptive, able to absorb four times (x4) its dry weight in water. What this means is that the many outdoor and home uses of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is due to its remarkable ability to absorb and nearly dry-out anything. Along with this powerful drying and absorbing quality, is the added safety of our DE being unaltered and 100% Natural. To be more specific, we have not added any chemicals and keep our product completely pure of any other agents, and neither has our product been altered by heat or pressure treatments which can change the silica from amorphous (natural rock form) to a crystalline form (glass). The crystalline form can be very dangerous when exposed to people or pets, or around your food (like in the garden). Please be very cautious in regards to where you source your Diatomaceous Earth, because not all kinds are suitable for the home and garden, some forms may be poisonous. We can guarantee that our product is 100% Safe and Non-Toxic, for all applications and natural uses.

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for all human uses, including using it as a detox or cleanse from parasites and heavy metals. Another impressive benefit is using our DE regularly can help to strengthen artery walls (because of the high content of amorphous silica) and in turn, lowering cholesterol levels. Similarly, DE has also been gaining popularity to increase finger nail and toe nail density, as well as fuller shinier hair. 

A very common deficit in a person's diet in our culture is silica. When you use our Food Grade DE, it is a safe and natural way to re-introduce silica into your body and diet.** There are many amazing uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and there are several ways to improve your personal health with our high quality and safe brand of DE. We have sourced our DE very carefully, and are happy to inform our customers that we carry DE with the lowest levels of crystalline silica on a consumer level. Our level of crystalline silica is less than 0.1% (<0.1%) in any given sample. 

~ One further recommendation we like to make is to add a Magnesium supplement to your diet if you are using our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in your diet for an extended period of time (3 months consecutively or more). Elemental Silica (amorphous silica) has strong bonding properties and typically competes with the body's ability to absorb both calcium and magnesium. If you are already using a Calcium or Magnesium supplement, we recommend taking DE and your chosen supplement about 12 hours apart for maximum absorption and effectiveness of both products mutually.

There are several other application of our product for human uses. For example, you can use our DE as a facial mud mask to exfoliate and clear away dead skin. It can also be used on an open wound to help blood clot more quickly (a coagulator), and you can also use our DE to reduce the spread of some skin conditions that are moisture related, like ringworm and other common rashes.

The truth is, more and more applications for food grade DE are being discovered on a regular basis as people learn, explore, and experiment with this new and remarkable natural product.