Bell PH Test Strips - 100 Strips

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  • pH ion Balance Diagnostic pH Test Strips
  • Easy to read. Unlike regular pH paper, the pH ion Diagnostic pH Test Strips’ dual pad indicator is super easy to read
  • Super-sensitive pH ion Diagnostic pH Test Strips give you an extremely accurate reading of how acidic or alkaline your tissues really are
  • Wide measurement range of 4.5 - 9.0
  • No guesswork. Because pH ion Diagnostic pH Test Strips measure tight 0.25 increments, you’ll know exactly what your pH is
  • Versatile. pH ion Diagnostic pH Test Strips can test both urine and saliva to give you the most complete picture of your pH balance
  • 15 second results
  • Practitioner preferred

  • Dip one Bell pH Ion Balance Testing Strip into saliva or urine, match test results to the pHion pH Color Chart above after waiting 15 seconds. For detailed instructions about pH testing read the enclosed booklet. After you have determined your test results please review with your doctor, practitioner or nutritional specialist.