Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal 90's

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- Gas Relief

- Potent and Fast-Acting

- Support the elimination of everyday toxins from party food, traveling, and more

- Help reduce the next-day effects of overindulgence

- Ultra-fine powder for increased surface area to bind positively-charged toxins

- Help remove heavy metals, bacteria, and gas

- Feel the difference fast


Take two capsules for fast detox when eating or drinking.

- Pack Coconut Charcoal for times of increased exposure to toxins:

Evenings out


Lunch dates

Work events

Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal is a pure carbon supplement made entirely from coconut shells, as opposed to other commonly used materials like wood, peat, bamboo and debris

Note of caution: Toxicology studies show activated charcoal not interfering with sleep, appetite or well-being. However, everyone responds differently to different doses, and the high adsorption of charcoal may reduce effectiveness of certain medications. As with any supplement, consult your healthcare provider before use, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication. May cause harmless darkening of stools. At high doses, may cause constipation.