Rainbow Kid-Care Perfume Collection - Sask & Flora

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Rainbow Kid-Care Perfume Collection

🌈 We are so so excited to announce our Rainbow Kid-Care Perfume Collection. Show your daughter how proud, and loved she is with this unique, limited time roller bottle set. Each roller bottle is pre-filled with a fun kid friendly essential oil blend. The cute rainbow label matches to an empowerment statement on a card that’s included with the set, and will constantly remind them that they are special. In a world where our kids are struggling with self esteem, confidence and belonging, this perfume set, filled with beautiful oils will be their favorite gift.

🌈 This set is recommended for kids 6+ and they can apply the roller bottles to their wrists 1-3 times daily for a synthetic free natural scent.

🌈 Also, included in this fun set is a special rainbow diffuser keychain that was handmade by my daughters. Your daughter can apply her favourite oils to the tassel and take it wherever she goes.