Jenn's Favourite Fall Things


Baths, Candles & Sipping Broth oh my!

Fall for me is all about everything cozy.  From the smells in my house, to what I have in my favourite cup to what I'm putting in my bath - I love cozying up as the cooler weather arrives.

1.  Bone broth is a staple in my mug as an evening drink.  I love the way it tastes but I also love that it's full of collagen and amino acids that keep my skin and joints feeling great as the cooler weather sets in.  If you want to get specific - my absolute favourite spot to drink this is in the tub after putting the kids to bed.  Which bring us to my next favourite Fall thing ...

2.  There's something to be said about a relaxing bath at the end of a chilly day.  My favourite things to put in my bath are the So Luxury epsom salts which help me have a great sleep and prevent muscle soreness.  I also love the So Luxury coconut & oat milk bath to keep my skin feeling smooth.

3.  Lighting a candle in the bath is next-level-luxury.  My favourite Ebony and Ivory candle scents for Fall are the Cozy Cottage and the Humble Abode.  These spicy but sweet candles instantly give me those cozy Fall vibes.

4.  This is quickly becoming a Jenn's favourite bathtime things but hey .. if I really want to feel fancy, I'll throw on a face mask in the bath.  My favourite being .. every single Prairie Bliss one.  But mostly, the Luminous Mask from Prairie Bliss :)


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