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Nourish is a mother/two daughter owned and operated shop with a storefront in beautiful Warman, Saskatchewan that opened its doors in 2014.  We have now opened our second location in the lovely city of Martensville!

After suffering many years with eczema, asthma and severe allergies, Jess started to look for alternative options to get to the root issues and find more natural ways to heal and feel better. She was able to find relief and significantly improve her quality of life through nutrition, lifestyle changes & supplementation. This is where she realized she wanted to bring her passion of holistic health to others so she started studying Holistic Nutrition and Nourish was born shortly afterwards! 

Jocelyne AKA Mama Nourish & Jenn quickly joined the Team. After working in the school system for over 15 years, Jocelyne had realized how important food & nutrition was and how it has such a huge impact on children’s behaviour. Jenn has always had a passion for exercise, even more-so after having her own children and realizing how nutrition & exercise gives her the energy and mental clarity needed as a mom of 3. She is our online personal trainer and has a special interest in working with busy moms to help them learn how to fit exercise into their days.  

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Our Mission

Nourish is proud to offer the very best of all things Vitamins, Supplements, Groceries, Sports Nutrition, Skincare and much more. As a family owned and operated shop, we take your family's health and nutrition to heart and have something for all members of your family no matter what stage you're in. Teething baby? We got you. Supplements for your children's good health? Yes. Mom looking for healthy snacks or essential oils for the whole family? You betcha. Dad looking for some products to enhance his workouts? Of course!

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Our Promise

Our Promise to you is to always offer only the very best products available on the market. Each product we bring in is extensively researched and tested by our in-house nutritionist and our own families before it's approved. We look forward to nourishing you and your family!                                         

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Giving Back

A big part of why we got into this industry was to help people with their wellness and nutrition needs of course, but also people in need throughout our community. We regularly choose a day and ALL proceeds from our coffee, smoothie and protein shakes are donated to a different organization in our community.  We also support many people in our community through donations to our schools, sports teams, families in need and many more.                                         

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