Jess's Morning Skincare Routine


Cleanse, Tone, Serums, Moisturize and SPF

In the morning, I have a few key products that I use every single day.  My skin is incredibly sensitive and eczema-prone so I am very picky about the products that I use on my skin and my main focus is minimizing dryness and eczema flare-ups.

Step 1 - Cleanse with the Derma E Sensitive Skin Cleanser.  It helps to minimize redness and irritation with added chamomile to help soothe my skin.

Step 2 - Apply the Prairie Bliss Hydrating Toner with a cotton pad.  This active and ultra hydrating toner is infused with oats, rice bran, fresh mint, and bamboo that has anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties that help promote healing and creates a lasting hydration for me all day long.

Step 3 - Apply Vitamin C Serum all over my face and down my neck.  I am obsessed with this one - it hydrates, protects, brightens, and firms my skin.  It's enhanced with carrot tissue, seabuckthorn, myrrh, jojoba, pure vitamin B and C (6 pure derivatives of Vitamin C), botanicals, antioxidants, and mineral sources.  It also helps minimize sunspots from all of my time in the tanning bed when I was 16 *cringe*

Step 4 - Apply Prairie Bliss Lash and Brow Booster to my top lashes to encourage growth and minimize breakage.  I love the look of long, natural lashes and this is helping me get there! 

Step 5 - Apply Prairie Bliss unscented moisturizer all over my face and down my neck.  This moisturizer feels glorious to put on, it's thick but not greasy and keeps my skin hydrated all day.  It's enriched with oat proteins, aloe, chamomile, antioxidants, and mineral sources. 

Step 6 - Apply Derma E's tinted BB cream all over my face as my SPF for the day as well as a light coverage make-up.  This one comes with even more added antioxidants to keep my skin looking fab. 


Featured Product

Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum


Final Thoughts

With my sensitive skin, it's important for me that I can use products that keep my skin hydrated, keep my eczema flare-ups to a minimum but also keep my skin healthy and supple as I age.

As a nutritionist, I also know how important taking care of my skin from the inside out is, so I take collagen and omega 3's daily, I drink 3 litres of water per day and I emphasize healthy fats and adequate protein in my diet.