Give your clients the gift of local nourishment.  We curate incredible gift baskets with a special focus on locally made and sourced products.  Thank you for choosing to support local with your gifting!

Step One

Purchase  your basket from one of our pre-made options, use your creativity to make your own or give us your budget and we will make you up a few options to choose from

Step Two

Give us 24 hours notice for a pre-made basket or 48 hours notice to get your custom box together by filling out the quote form below or click on one of our pre-made baskets to automatically purchase

Step Three

Your gift basket will be ready and waiting for you to pickup on the date you've chosen


Whether it's for your new clients you just landed,  an employee gift or a happy possession day gift - we can work with you to make any gift basket you envision using some of our favourite seasonal, local items 

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Diffuser/Bath Bomb Basket

$145.00 (including taxes)

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Salt Lamp/Succulent Plant Basket

$155.00 (including taxes)

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Coffee Bean/Candle Basket

$117.00 (including taxes)


If you have some favourites that you know you want included in your gift basket or if you want to give us an idea of what you're looking for within your budget, please use the contact form below with your ideas.  We will then send you some options to choose from. 

Popular items often used in our gift baskets are our bath/skin products, soaps,  lip balms, diffusers, salt lamps, succulent plants, coffee beans, chocolate, snacks like beef jerky or chickpeas, candles, Nourish coffee cards and gift cards