Small Red Salt Lamp

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Extra Small Lamps are 2-4 pounds

Small Lamps are 5-8 pounds

Medium Lamps are 10-12 pounds

Large Lamps are 15-23 pounds

-  Lamps are made from food grade chunks of salt. The salt combined with the heat from the light creates negative ions

-  Negative Ions act as natural neutralizers of odours, molds and bacteria

 - Refreshes the air and creates a balanced, healthier environment

-  Users feel more energetic, happy and alive

- Increases the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy

- Protects against germs in the air

- Decrease irritation due to inhaling allergens that make you sneeze, cough or cause throat irritation


- Respiratory issues including asthma or sinus problems
- Skin Problems
- Allergies 
- Migraines and Headaches
- More mental energy
- Decreased drowsiness
- Sleep issues