Elete Electrolyte Drops

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  • Proven Efficacy
  • Balanced: Provides four essential electrolytes to replace all the minerals lost in sweat, not just sodium and potassium.
  • Versatile: Add elete to water or any beverage and transform any drink into an electrolyte drink.
  • Economical
  • Hydration Pack Compatible: And no mess!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Less waste in the landfill and more money in your pocket.
  • Pure Electrolytes: No sugars, calories or carbs to undermine health and fitness goals or that can cause GI upset.

• Clinically proven to hydrate better than just water. In a published, peer-reviewed clinical study, those who drank plain water drank 74% more water to achieve the same level of hydration as those who drank water with elete.
• elete Electrolyte Add-In is a natural electrolyte concentrate containing major elements magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and sulfate.
• Four essential electrolytes to support hydration, muscle function, energy usage and heat tolerance.*
• Makes electrolyte water or transforms any drink into a electrolyte drink.
• NO sugars, calories, caffeine or artificial ingredients.
• Safe for hydration packs. Will not stain or leave a residue.
• Certified free of WADA banned substances through ongoing testing by Informed Choice.
• More convenient, versatile and effective for less!