Follow-Up Hormonal & Nutritional Imbalance Scan
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Follow-Up Hormonal & Nutritional Imbalance Scan

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After purchase, we will send you a convenient collection kit with supplies to return your hair and saliva.  You will receive a notification once your kit is ready for pickup or once we have shipped it out.  Once your samples have been collected, they must be returned to Nourish promptly.  If we have shipped out your kit, you are responsible for return postage to Nourish.

Please note:  Follow-Up Scans do not include customized supplement recommendation or a personalized foods list and are priced accordingly.  If you'd like both of those done again - please purchase a regular hormonal & nutritional imbalance scan HERE.  


Payment Plan Available!  Pay in two installments 4 weeks apart - please email us at for details