Nvigorate Organic Seabuckthorn Tea Leaves - 15 grams

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Ingredients:  Organic Seabuckthorn LeavesOur seabuckthorn berries are:
  • 100% Canadian grown
  • 100% Organic

Seabuckthorn contains up to 190 bioactives including C, E, K, beta carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids an flavonoids. The berry contains high levels of omega 7, which in Finland, was clinically proven to help mucous linings of the body. More recent studies have shown it may fight weight gain. Twenty eight trace elements including magnesium, calcium and zinc are present in the berry. The berries contain b-sitosterol. Sterols may prevent cardiovascular disease. The seeds have a one to one ratio of omegas 3 and 6 and Vitamin E. One-third of a cup serving of berries only has 2 g of naturally occurring sugars and 3.5 g of fibre which is 14% of the recommended daily intake. The leaves are very high in antioxidants. In studies in India, the leaves have been shown to reduce stress levels and recovery rate for soldiers working at high altitudes and low temperatures.