Oriwest - Lavabead Diffuser Earrings

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Women's High Quality Essential Oil Lava Stone Ear Stud 

Lava beads begin their journey to your jewelry as molten rock beneath an active volcano. At over  1,000 degrees Celsius the molten rock begins to melt and finally erupts out of the volcano. Once the lava meets the cooler air it solidifies and becomes this beautiful piece of jewelry. Lava beads promote strength & fertility - driving away anger, and assisting one in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to Mother Earth.
Diffusing Method: Lava Stone
Other Features: Handcrafted and Nickel Free
Type: Lava Stud
Material: 18K Gold Plated
Directions:  Add a few drops of oil directly to the lava stone and aroma lasts for days!